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About Julienne

Julienne was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and had her first open heart surgery at four days old and her fifth (and last) at age 18. During the first surgery the doctor accidently cut one of her vocal cord, leaving it paralyzed. She can still speak and it doesn't hurt but her voice is quiet and a bit raspy. She is currently 27 and healthy - doing better than ever! 

As a child Julienne loved tea parties and dressing up. She had many tea parties with her cats and stuffed animals. Still an animal lover she is pictured below with her two cats Mark and Ethan.


Another passion of hers has always been miniatures! She was very creative in crafting miniature items for her Littlest Pet Shops that she made films with as a child. Now, she writes scripts that include minority representation (ie - characters with medical issues and LGBTQ+) She aspires to one day become an actor and act in her own shows and movies she wrote. Jule also had another dream since she was a kid; to open her very own cafe. And it came to her attention a few years ago that there are Afternoon Tea places which are sorta like an on-going tea party. She absolutely love afternoon tea and would love to share the joy she gets from them with others by opening her own! Since Jule was 11 we have been fans of the TV show Supernatural, and she has filmed the conventions and posted the panels on Youtube as SPNConGirl. 

If there are any other fans out there we would be happy to add a Supernatural event to our list!

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